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Above you see a baby, apparently named Brynleigh. And so she is named as such.

This gorgeous lil thing is my god-daughter. My sweet lil angel, who we fought for, prayed for, and raced around for. The sweetest thing, that almost cost her momma her life, who wanted to know what life had to offer 5 months early. Who is loved by just about everyone who has net her. This baby, her mother’s last baby.

Brynleigh Lousie was born March 27th, at 358 AM. She weighed 7lbs, 7oz. She was 19 1/2 inches long.

I got to witness her birth, there from day 1 with her mom, the one person she could turn to for support through the pregnancy.

My sweet angel…


Today she turned 1. ONE whole year old. Since mom moved, I couldnt spend the day with her, but I thought of her.


Brooklyn, Konnor, Lizzi, Brent JR, Brynleigh (3 months)


Myself and Brynleigh, 6 months

Below is her 1yr picture. Forgive her, she doesnt feel well. She had surgery less than a week ago (tubes). She is still in that recovery stage lol.


Brynleigh, 1 yr old

Happy birthday, gorgeous!