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Originally I started this blog to highlight my weight loss and my wedding journeys. Well, since the wedding is being postponed until we actually have money for what we dream of. And I’m still attempting to lose weight, but it surely isn’t going as nicely as it has before!

So I was just paging through my old posts and noticed that the last couple have been very “everything”, so I have decided that this blog will now cover my life in gerenal. 




I was looking at apartment listings and found a really nice apartment on the north side of madison, a 2 bedroom that will accept Athena. I disclosed over the phone that I had gotten in over my head last year, and that my prior landlord had filed an eviction that was DISMISSED (makes all the difference, trust me!). She said that they would be willing to work with me and figure things out 🙂 So I am going to take a look at that tomorrow afternoon.

And then, I was cruising the job listings and found a night audit position. I emailed on it, and got an email back within 20 mins asking for an interview. So now I have an interview as well tomorrow.

And then we have girl scouts as well, which I am also excited about as well. I *was* going to do snowglobes with the girls, but I will have to postpone that as well since I dont have the jars yet, or the decorations for the inside. I also need to hit up the CBofP to open the troop checking acct. My coleader isnt having anything to do with the troop, and I havent gotten any of my other parents approved yet so a solo acct it is. I am SOOOO looking for ward to that drama lol. BUT since we are doing the cookie sales, and I have approximently $300 chilling in my wallet FOR GS, I really need to get that thing set up. As most know, I dont do so good with money lying around without being tempted to spend it lol


I found out today as well that my tax returns have been redirected towards my federal student loans. This means that I no longer have my tax return of $2200 to use towards our new place. Some scrounging will be done now, but I have a few ideas.

And, in the words of my sister Amanda, I will figure it out 🙂 I always do.

I have posted a wish upon the Hero Network (https://heronetwork.com/wish/home?id=1516494)

I have also made a gofundme page (http://www.gofundme.com/6y28bk)

And I am taking donations via paypal ( shannonmariepark@yahoo.com)


If you can help, have at it. Any help is worth it. And I will be paying it forward, I promise.


Be prepared, my next post is going to be a douzy…


Until then…