So, even if someone has already said this to you, Happy Valentine’s Day. 

Derek is at work currently, but should be home around 4ish. For Vday, I got him a new WiiU game that we can both play and a  package of Reese’s heart-shaped cups 🙂 I also got him a card, but uh DUH lol.

I am kind of anxious to see what he has for me- although I am not really expecting much. Flowers would be fine for me, maybe a card as well? I mean, you know how it is, you want to get something but cant always expect things with men lol.

For my sweet lil Lizzi G, we got her a hello Kitty set. I bought something from walmart that came with a stuffed animal, pail/tin thing, and a lotion. She also got Hello Kitty slippers and a roll of bubble tape- what can I say, Im a pretty awesome mom lol.


In other news…

Our lease is up on April 1st, and we are so ready to move back to Madison- which I might have mentioned before, I cant remember. So Ive been apartment shopping a lot lately. We are going to use our taxes to help get ourselves settled in somewhere. Sometimes this apartment search kills me. So many apartments available for single people or couples, but to find something that works for our family we will be raped essentially… If I ever get the chance to own an apartment complex, I will definitely do my best to help families because this is so frustrating… Its hard to find an apartment that will take a dog, or find a management company that is willing to overlook an eviction. Since I have technically 3- thanks to mom when I didnt even live with her, a storage unit that went out of business AFTER I had ended my lease, and then obviously our duplex last August- its harder to get a chance. Add the dog and the evictions together, and I feel completely unable to do anything on my own. I have started to toy with the idea of having someone else rent it under their name, and then we just pay the rent. Its something I want to talk to Dad about, actually, but who knows…. A private landlord versus a propert management company would be ideal but its hard as hell to find on craigslist…

Ive also been job hunting. I had an interview a week ago, and a second this past monday. On monday I was offered the job, but I dont like it and I am still trying to decide if I want to take it- Im supposed to start monday lol. But the hours suck horribly- 1130AM to 8PM. How the hell am I ever supposed to spend time with liz? And the days are M-Sat– one day off? Hmmm… And only $300 a week, which for 46 hrs a week, comes down to like $6.52/hr… And I think we can all agree I can make more as a waitress or working two part time jobs even. Derek thinks since it was offered I should take it and damn the hours… But the whole point of moving back to Madison is to have more time as a family and I would really like the ability to have and see my daughter lol. So I guess I will keep searching, and damn the consequences lol.

Now there is nothing on TV… grrrr


Anyways, until later….