So apparently the wedding is currently and possibly indefinitely postponed. Dont want to talk about it, although we are still engaged and still together…

Our landlords who have major drinking problems have decided that we need to move and we received a 30 day notice today. Jokes on them tho lol.

Lizzi is driving me up a wall– she must be up my butt every chance she gets.

Im so ready to move back to Waunakee. If only there was something there for me lol.

I wish I had money to buy a house. Its a pipedream that will never come true I fear. I found two beautiful homes I want here in town (one for 120K and the other for 60K… house payments would be between 200-500 a month depending on which we went for lol). I wish my dad would help me with this, All we need is the money for the down payment (5-10K) and someone to either cosign or set it up in their name… Both pretty major things so who knows. But both homes are 3 bedrooms and totally workable for our budgets. I wish I could talk dad into coming and taking a look at them lol


Anyways, I dont really know what else to write im pretty upset right now still so…