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So. It isnt DIRECTLY related to the wedding, but does have some impact on it…


We need money. We need more money. Either that means I find a second job (on top of Subway and Avon) or Derek gets more hours or we sell something (we have nothing to sell) but we need to do something. We will never be able to afford the wedding at this rate.

Hell, who cares about the wedding, we can barely afford our bills :/

I can feel an anxiety attack or panic attack on its way and I cant stop it… 


On the bright side, Im putting in job applications and whatnot. And scrounging pennies in the meantime lol.



I did hear back from CGC and they are booked solid. Not just for September, but for August and October as well! So CGC is outta the question for the venue 😦  But Derek and I talked about wedding things today and I’m going to call a few VFW halls tomorrow about costs and availability… There’s one off of CV I think on the north side of Madison by the airport that I used to go to all the time as a child with my parents for Sunday brunch. I wouldn’t mind that one, I think it would work for us 🙂


In other wedding news, there is none. lol. All I’m worried about is the budget and doing the best I can with what little resources we have for it.


Ok, Im outta here…