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So I just tried to call CGC. I need to talk to Sister Grant, but she is out of office today as she is not feeling well (healing prayers, Sister Grant!) I left a detailed message, letting her know what I needed and whatnot, and gave her two ways to contact me. Kinda wish that I could talk to her inperson regarding it, but oh well. I can meet with her Wednesday night if need be. 


I know that Derek does NOT want to get married in Waunakee, so that is out of the questions. I am secretly hoping and praying that CGC is available for our date! Its gorgeous on the inside, the chapel would be AWESOME in our colors. As for the reception area, the “great room” is the typical school cafeteria sized room. So that is large enough for our 10-12 tables and a dance area. There is also a PA system in there already, so that might help with costs as well. They also have a HUGE yard on the property, so we could take advantage of having an outdoor reception if weather agrees lol 🙂



Something else on my mind: Liz is home for the next two weeks from school. She has not been vaccinated for chicken pox, per my personal choice. While the school allows her to attend without having all of her inoculations (its the only one she is missing), another student in her school HAS chicken pox right now. Apparently, because of Health Department regulations, she is unable to attend school for the next two weeks or so. Sure, I *could* get her vaccinated for it, but I’m really kinda against it. That’s my viewpoint, and I’m sticking to it lol. I am however not just letting her play and watch TV, she is working on school work, reading outloud to me, and working on math flashcards. Homeschooling moms get all sorts of props from me now lol.


Maybe later, Shannon