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So Im on the phone with my photographer, Darcy, talking about wedding things. Shes come up with panini stations for food, or a buffet. Or maybe a roasted pig. Or a sub station. And cupcakes. And all sorts of yumminess. She also thinks I should ask around for some help if we do the buffet thing and kinda potluck it to help cut costs.

And we could decorate the night before, and store food the night be for, and all sorts of awesomeness. 

And maybe do a shorter reception, ending at like 10, and then go bar hopping or something.


She’s smart 🙂 And awesome. And thats why she is my photographer.

And now she tells me that her brother is a DJ and her step sister does cakes… wtf. Im gonna pay that family lol!


I really need to call CGC. And I mean like NOW. 🙂


omg darcy in pintresting a bunch of stuff for me… Im kinda scared! I think she just searched red, white and blue themed parties!


ok, BBL!!


** Note: Check out bloomingphotography1.com shes awesome!! **