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So I had a blog post planned for today, but it just went out the window upon reading this article ( http://thestir.cafemom.com/food_party/166400/baker_sends_disgusting_engagement_cake ) . The bride’s sister pissed off the cake maker, and so they sent a cake depicting a pile pf poop with a little sign stating to “eat shit”. Kinda classy, sounds like something I would think up lol. But to actually follow through and send that to the engagement party as a showing of your work is a little much…


Makes me think twice about allowing Amanda to handle any of the operations… JK Amanda. Well, kinda.


The cake is the highlight of a party whether its marriage or a new baby or a birthday- everyone wants a slice of cake. I dont think I would want a slice of cake that literally looked like a pile of poop tho lol.


I know I dissed wedding expos in my last post, but I am kinda excited to see what the one this weekend has in store. It has over 200 vendors onsite, so maybe I will get some venue ideas- and I’ll be able to try some amazing cakes 🙂


Just a thought here- our cake will be a marble cake, with white butter cream frosting. Partly because the groom is a strange man and doesn’t like chocolate, and partly because I love marble cake lol. There may be designs on the cake, Im not really sure since I havent gotten that far yet- but if there are, they will be in blue 😛


Anyways, apparently I am a dork for writing a blog (so says the nerdy gaming fiance) so until next time…