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I will be walking down the aisle. In exactly 9 months, I will be spending my first full day as Mrs Derek Hightower. Holy shit, thats kinda scary!


I just found and read this great article ( http://thestir.cafemom.com/love_sex/146099/7_ways_to_avoid_killing?utm_medium=sm&utm_source=facebook&utm_content=married_fanpage ), and I am really thankful I found it! Ive been stressing a lot lately- and hey who wouldnt? Like I said, I have 9 months to go, and I dont even have a venue picked yet! I need to decide whether we are having an outdoor ceremony or a church one. I need to decide if we are having an outdoor reception (dont forget a backup incase of inclement weather) or if we need to rent a hall or something. 


One thing I know for sure- if you find yourself in the predicament of engagement, steer clear of bridal expos. Those were strictly designed to freak you out even more, if that is even remotely possible.


On Sunday, Amanda and I went to the bridal expo at Ho Chunk. BIG MISTAKE. Sure, we saw a lot of vendors for various services (DJ’s, photography, invites, cakes, catering, venues… even lingere photographists were there! I got some great ideas, and even some cravings for what they had to offer- but the bottom line is if you go to an expo, you better be planning on spending $$20,000 or MORE on your wedding and festivities. 

I mean, who has 2500 to throw towards 6 hours of a DJ? Or 1500 for engagement photos ONLY? And seriously, $25 per person per plate of food PLUS a 20% added-on gratuity? YOU. ARE. CRAZY!


Now, I know that some services cost- if I want everyone to eat filet mignon and have little mini roast pigs at their plate, I will pay for it. But I DON’T! I want a nice salad bar, and a buffet style dinner consisting of your typical 4th of July BBQ foods. I want things everyone will like, not some high priced sushi or something outrageous. 


Now, when it comes to venues, especially those in Madison, yeah they are pricy. over $1500 for the more popular ones, and I’ll never be able to afford that on  subway and kfc incomes. There are some nice venues, but I’ll be hardpressed to find them! Im starting to think of going odd-ball — what about theaters like the orpheum or the majestic or even the barrymore. Something that isnt so main-stream, that might give us more options with what we can do! HOLY HELL maybe we can rent out like a school gym? that would be kinda cool!! Well, except for the back-to-school decorations I suppose… (Note to self, call Bartell theater in madison and waunakee schools about gym rentals!!)


Ok, now that I feel a lil more content with my possible venue search, what else can I rant on?


CAKE. Who needs to pay $500 for such a delectable yummy item? Brides, of course! Im going to strive to find a cheap cake, that is delicious. Who needs a 6 tier cake? I can do with one large sheet cake and a small 2 tier cake for the bridal party. BOOM I just saved money right there!

Decorations? Yes I need those. Yes, I will pay what I need to for those. BUT I will not let my party look gaudy as all hell!


A DJ. Yes, I will need a DJ of some sort. Right now it would be handy to be friends with Dusty Weber or Nick. But Im not. So I will have to make do I guess lol. A PA system with an iPod is an idea, but I think I really want a DJ 🙂 I did happen to find one who is willing to come from Cashton to Madison for a 6 hr show, and only charge $650 so I think that is a real steal!


Photographers. Thank God I met Darcy ages ago. I love her (and she loves wine, we are a perfect trio!!) She does amazing work, and I am very excited to say that she has been booked for a couple weeks now lol. Who needs a freaking venue when you have the photographer of the year?? ** bloomingphotography1.com **


Ok, I think my wedding rant is over. Until next time, Shannon