So its crunch time. In just over 9 months, Ill be walking down the aisle to become Mrs Derek Hightower. I cant wait!

So, being the attentive Maid-of-Honor (referred to within as MoH), Amanda is kicking my ass to figure out plans for said wedding.

So here is what we have figured out so far, between the three of us:

Color: Horizon (Davids Bridal) and red (possibly “apple” by DB) .

Bridesmaids: Amanda Schlender, Sheyenne Park, Anne Eder-Brown, Amanda Selenka, Alyssa Hightower.

Groomsmen: Danny Brown, Brandon Hightower, Jesse Hightower

Children in wedding party: Brooklyn Kast, Daniell Brown, Elizabeth Park, Brent Kast JR, David Brown, Lilana Blaser, Konnor Schlender, Brynleigh Kast, Mekenzie Brown

Unity candle VS Unity Sand vase: Sand!

Date: September 6th, 2014

Bridal shower: August 23rd, 2014

Bachelorette party: August 16th, 2014

Ok maybe it isnt as planned as I would like lol but I am trying!!


Any ideas or thoughts you have to add to it??