Hey y’all…

Im alive. Havent been exercising too much, my bike has a flat and its been pretty rainy lately. Got some weight loss and dieting books from my local library.

Also, I have just signed up to sell avon, so if you want to buy from me (hint hint).

Signed up to be Lizzi’s GS troop leader. I may have sold my soul to the devil on that one but then again I am super pumped to do it so…. lol.

Working thru my Sherrilyn Kenyon reading list. Have 2 more books until I get to the latest release, STYXX. I am very anxious for that!!

Working part time for subway currently. Hoping to find a more permanent job soon.

Derek is still working full time, Im so proud of him 🙂

Making some good connections here in Portage which keeps me happy 🙂

Was offered the role of godmother to a new friend’s two daughters. While I am still thinking it over, Im heavily leaning towards yes. What can I say, I love kids 🙂

Hoping to get my organic business up and going again this month. If you are interested in going Organic, or looking for more green options let me know 🙂

Liz is doing better is school. She is acting out less which is great. She’s very excited about girl scouts and frankly so am I 🙂


OK, I think my catch up is complete. Y’all have a good weekend!