I know I know, its too early for a cheat day, but for the most part I have been doing really good on watching my calories and trying to stay active. IDK if I have lost or anything, altho I can fit in a pair of 16 jeans. But then again, I just maxed out on 4 cheeseburgers, a large coffee and half a large order of fries from mickeydees– btw I blame tina’s pregnancy cravings for that lol! And besides that, While I am at my calorie intake level for the day, due to me having to go to waunakee and whatnot tonight, I wont be eating dinner anyways. In fact this is my only meal for the day, nothing but water going forward for the rest of the day!!


I want to go for a bike ride tonight with Derek if he is in a good mood by then- altho with the way minecraft has been  pissing him off I doubt it. I want to stay active and sometimes it is soooo hard. I know you are thinking ‘ok shannon just get off your fat ass and go for a ride or walk or something‘…. But I have a giant mental block that I have to get over. Why get up and go outside when I can stay inside and read my books? I miss my gym membership and after I get a job I am definitely re-activating my membership. 

I lost 40-50 pounds with my gym membership 3 1/2 years ago, in a 9 month period. I was extremely proud of myself. Now I just need to do it again! 


So, feel free to comment about how I need to get off my fat ass and get working on it, cuz I need the motivation!!


Until lata!